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Iron Jiu Jitsu

Iron Knee Brace

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The Best Knee Brace for Jiu Jitsu Athletes and Grapplers
  • Eases knee pain caused by strikes and movements during rolling with our knee brace.
  • Offers support to fragile joints and tendons for a speedy recovery from injury.
  • Unique strap ensures the brace stays securely in place during intense training sessions, eliminating any concerns about leg attacks while rolling.
  • Simple design allows for effortless application and removal during training.

Improve Without Pain and Injury

Knee pain during rolling can be a warning sign of an impending injury.

It may manifest as a clicking sensation, a tight and painful pulse, or a sharp ache in the joint.

Though you may be able to tolerate this pain, it often escalates and leads to more severe issues such as popping or snapping of the knee.

Taking time off the mat to recover can be frustrating and detrimental to your passion.

Don't let knee pain hold you back, take preventative measures before it becomes a bigger problem.

Always Train to Your Fullest Effort

Missing out on training rounds or classes due to knee weakness can impede your progress.

Don't let a nagging pain hold you back from being your best self on the mat.

Rolling with a disadvantage can limit your ability to dominate your opponents and perform explosive movements.

Don't let joint stiffness and pain negatively impact your performance.

Take action to alleviate these issues and reach your full potential.